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The World Cup is over


As the last game ended and Spain emerged the victors after avery hard fought win, I began to reflect on what I've just experienced over the last month in South Africa. What would I remember from the 2010 World Cup games?

--The camaraderie of the more than 50 volunteers that we worked with to pass out the Activated magazines, the tracts and the Good Times newspapers. Playing2Win was a winning team!

--I remember the faces of those watching the dramas in the streets reflecting on their own lives and beliefs.

--I look back on the joy of the little children in the townships playing with soccer balls and blowing little plastic vuvuzelas with pure and unspoiled joy!

--The joy, anticipation and electric energy of the fans before the games. I thank God that we have an even higher level of expectancy for a thrilling life once this game on earth is done.

--It was wonderful to see how hosting the games has united the peoples of South Africa and even the fans respected one another and had a great time!

--Win or lose, there were seasons for weeping, for laughing, tears of sorrow and tears of joy! All captured on camera when emotions ran strong!

--Noise! Vuvuzelas bellowing non-stop in every game, before the games, after the games! Salesmen hawking earplugs and their brothers selling vuvuzelas right beside them!

--I can only praise God that South Africa remained safe for all of its visitors and people were able to experience the warmth, hospitality and welcoming spirits of those here and to see some of the beauty of this country.

Although we remained without incident in this land, I would like to pay tribute to one of our colleagues, a long time fellow missionary who worked for many years here in South Africa but left this earth during the last minutes of the last game. She was in a restaurant in Kampala, Uganda, watching the match when it was bombed and she went to be with Jesus. We remember her and pray for her family. Although such an incident is a sad ending for a World Cup, we know that because she had a reservation already in Heaven, that she went on to her reward. Let us rejoice for her and pray that those we spoke with, gave literature to and prayed for during this World cup 2010 will be changed forever and know the same peace that our dear friend had when she went to meet her Maker.