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Delivery of sponsored materials to schools in Polokwane, South Africa


We just came back from a trip up to Polokwane in the north of South Africa where we were finally able to deliver the last installment of the materials Activated Ministries so kindly sponsored at the end of 2010. We delivered the materials to four schools that we have been working with up there. All are pretty limited budget schools, but over the years these were the schools where the teaching staff has been the most faithful to actually use the materials that they have received from us.

The children of Polokwane Preschool memorized many of the verses from the “Feed My Lambs”. The principal was so happy to receive for all the classes more of the “Feed My Lambs”, Early Bird Readers, Student Books and a Bible Explorers. They have five classes of children and about 150 kids.

Polokwane English Medium Primary School has been using the Steps Curriculum for many years. They were thankful to get more Student Books, Feed My Lambs, Early Bird Readers and the Bible Explorers for their new computer room. This school has two classes and about 50 kids.

Little Blessings School now has five more classes and they were also so thankful to get the Student Books, Feed My Lambs and some Bible Explorers. They have been using our materials for several years. We gave the principal nine Early Bird Readers as she is specializing in teaching children to read and has extra reading classes. The school now has over 200 children.

This is Wendy, the librarian for the Polokwane English School. The library is a very well run resource centre which all the teachers and pupils use. We left a couple Student Books for the school and two sets for the library. Wendy made a special shelf for all the monthly Activated magazines which we have been sending them for the past six years. All the teachers and pupils come and read them.

All together, these four schools received 13 Feed My Lambs, 14 Steps Student books, 15 Early Bird Readers and 6 Bible Explorers. Thank you so much Activated Ministries for sponsoring these beautiful materials.

Thank you, Activated Ministries for all your help and God bless you.