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Children's Day in Bogota, Columbia

Alvaro Baez

The Las Arenitas preschool education center is located in one of the many violence-threatened neighborhoods in Bogota, Columbia. Most of the children who attend are from single-parent homes, and most mothers have been victims of abuse. One doesn’t need to go too far from the city to find these areas in which poverty and violence are rampant. Read more about Children's Day in Bogota, Columbia

La Guajira Proyect – Bogota, Colombia

Marcos and Joy Alvaro

Far removed from the central highway and a good distance from any town center, we began our hike of several kilometers, under the tropical sun, to Rancherias - a place where the simple and charming inhabitants of Wayúu tribe live. The Wayúu are indigenous people who have maintained their purity and traditions and live in this area of the Colombian Caribbean coast spread over approximately 5.800mi² in Colombia and 4.600 mi² in Venezuela without taking into account the boundaries between these two countries. Read more about La Guajira Proyect – Bogota, Colombia