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The Michigan Cancer Institute

Paloma Barcelo

In one of the top, most prestigious cancer research and treatment facilities in the country you will find some of the most broken people, in need of love and a comfort that cannot be found in the medicines of modern science.

Weathering the storm of a long term illness, being wracked with pain on a daily basis, braving the rigors of treatments, hospitalization, and chemotherapy, and not knowing how much longer one has to live, to say good-bye to loved ones – these are difficult challenges. Seeing such heartache and suffering has given us a great love and compassion to bring a touch of Jesus’ love and comfort to each one we meet. Each adult and child that we have ministered to through our music, performances and personal encouragement has left a special place in our hearts that we will cherish forever. We sing in the wards and to people individually on a monthly basis. We have received a very warm reception amongst the staff, who so tirelessly dedicate themselves to their work. People are moved to tears as they learn that they too, can have “Peace in the Midst of the Storm”.

The Detroit Rescue Mission Ministry

This was our fourth year in a row where The Family Singers were able to put together performances over Thanksgiving and Christmas for Rescue Mission Ministries, an inner city shelter for homeless people. Our children and youth’s lively songs and dances have once again brought a spiritual value to the Thanksgiving Holidays.

This year approximately 50 men and women gathered to hear and partake of the love and comfort enveloped in the Christmas music, and over 30 of them prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts, that they might have the meaning of Christmas forever in their hearts and thereby find a new start in their lives.

We received a wonderful response and many expressed appreciation after the program for the children’s time and effort in spending Thanksgiving with them. It was a gift that would remain in all the lonely, cold winter nights, warming their hearts and spirits.

Through the sponsorship of Activated Ministries, we donated 5 Christmas CD’s and 5 tapes to the Mission so that the message of Jesus at Christmas would be heard not only that night, but throughout the holiday to all those they minister to.

Our mission at these events is to assist those who minister to those in need physically by helping them spiritually. With the songs, prayers, and smiles, we are able to give them what their physical needs could never minister – hope for a greater tomorrow, and a knowledge that Someone truly cares for them.

Salvation Army Drug and Rehabilitation Centers

The Family Singers sang and performed at Salvation Army Drug Rehabilitation centers throughout the city metropolitan area over the Christmas season. We performed for over 200 men and women currently undergoing rehab, and were able to leave each one with the message of salvation, meaningful literature and music. Our team consisted of 5 adults and young people, and 5 children. We sang traditional carols as well as many original songs about the real meaning of Christmas and His love. Esperanza, 4, led them all in a prayer to receive Jesus, the greatest gift of all.

The men and women particularly enjoyed seeing the children, as many of them have families and little ones of their own, that they are not able to see while in the program.

Thanks to Activated Ministries, we were able to donate 50 tapes, 115 CDs, and 200 tracts to everyone at the center, including the staff and volunteers. Our young people also performed and shared a bit about their lives as full-time missionaries preaching the gospel, which has carried them all around the world.

Just a little bit of love, care, and concern goes a long way!