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Wordstock IV, May 2007

Activated Ministries was happy to once again help sponsor the Christian camp “Wordstock”. For the past four years this annual camp has gathered hundreds of teens around North America from The Family International Christian fellowship for an unforgettable week of music, fellowship and spiritual input.

For many of the teens attending, Wordstock is the event of the year. Live bands from a plethora of genres performing their music every evening for a week is one of the main attractions. The teens daily attended multimedia presentations, classes, and discussion groups on topics ranging from Bible prophecy to personal etiquette to spiritual commitment. Soccer, flag football, water polo, and basketball were just a few of the sports activities that the attendees participated in every afternoon.

As you’ll read in the comments that follow, Wordstock continues to change the lives of the young people attending through the example of fulltime dedication and commitment that they have seen in the musicians, teachers, counselors, their peers, and the atmosphere of Wordstock itself. Activated Ministries is privileged to help make this event possible, and it wouldn’t be possible without your help. Many thanks to each one of our sponsors and donors, your generosity has touched many lives.

Comments from Wordstock IV attendees:

What everyone loves most about being in The Family is that spirit of dedication, friends with caring hearts, and that heart warming music. I was able to partake of all that in one week.

Everyone goes through their share of troubles and sometimes they need all of the above to get them back into gear. I was able to get back into gear in one week.

Everyone loves the feeling of having someone tell you that you’re IT, that you’re one of the billions of billions of people in the world that the Lord chose to serve Him. I was able to hear it and feel it in one week.

Everyone loves music. I was able to feel the warmth of dedication and passion flowing through every word, every strum and every beat that our wonderful musicians were letting the Lord give to us on stage in that one week.

I came home from Wordstock floating in a joy balloon, feeling fulfilled with my day to day ministries and more dedicated to the Lord then ever. Wordstock was a life-changing event.

Every Wordstock has been, in some way, life-changing--as I’m sure it is for many others--so for that you will always have my thanks and admiration.

I had a lot of fun, everything for me was great. I really loved the classes, all the concerts, and being around so many incredible, loving, wonderful people. Thank you for letting me be a part of Wordstock

Music is such a big thing in our lives and just seeing all the Family bands from all over come together in one place was so incredible! The sound is awesome and there is so much more variety in music than there has never been before.