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Outreach Sponsorship: Monterrey, Mexico

FestiNiño 2004

FestiNiño, a beautiful project sponsored for 12,000 children from the poorest districts of Monterrey, Mexico was held on Dec. 20, 2004 in the Monterrey Arena. This included children from orphanages, street children, children from the minors´ detention centers as well as from the poorest neighborhoods. Organized by Amigo Fiel with the help of the Family International in Monterrey, Mexico, it was an unforgettable experience for these needy little ones, our “hope of the future”. A beautiful live theatre musical, “Vuela Mas Alto!” (¨Fly Higher!¨) with a message of God’s love as the answer, was shown to the children, and broadcast on large screens around the arena for all to see, along with a message and personal prayer to receive the greatest Christmas gift, Jesus Christ. Christmas gift boxes and special snacks were given personally to each child. (These gifts were beautifully gift-wrapped shoe boxes, filled with gifts by individual children across the United States, and collected by Samaritan’s Purse. AMIGO FIEL brings hundreds of thousands of these gift boxes into Mexico each year.)

The Family International’s volunteers from seven communities participated tirelessly for several days before and after (and those involved in the organizational committees for much longer than that). Thousands of the Family International’s Christian leaflets, plus 4000 children’s “Activated” booklets and 1000 Christmas musical CD cards produced by the Family International were distributed. Our beautiful Christmas CDs and Treasure Attic videos were played and shown on all the large TV screens during all intermissions

The event was visited by the governor’s daughter, who extended her services in distributing gifts to the children. The authorities of the city were invited and we were able to meet with the lady in charge of the D.I.F., the governmental institution for child welfare in the country.

FestiNiño was televised over the whole state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Letter from Monterrey, Mexico Missionary Centers:

We just want to thank you for your very kind donation of 1,000 Christmas music CDs to distribute freely in our Christmas charity programs in Monterrey, Mexico. The smiles and words of gratitude we received will stir our hearts and memories for many a day. Here is a little account of the events where they were distributed, first at a large event called FestiNiño, attended by government officials and televised for the whole state of Nuevo Leon, and then in a needy neighborhood of 1000 families on the outskirts of Monterrey.

On Kings’ Day Jan. 8, 2005, The Family International in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, hosted a special afternoon for 1000 needy families in the Colonia Fernando Milpas. Kings’ Day is traditionally the day when the 3 Kings visited Baby Jesus, and just like the Kings gave gifts to Baby Jesus, gifts are given to the children (and everyone). The event began at 1 p.m. and stretched over 4 hours. A lively rendition of The First Christmas was presented by the puppeteers, a performance by the children’s’ singing group, a delicious free meal, and then began the distribution of the beautifully pre-wrapped gift boxes for all the children. Free clothing and foodstuffs were given to all the mothers. The children and mothers also received their free gift of a Christmas music CD donated by Activated Ministries, as well as Activated Kids booklets with the Christmas story