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Proyecto de Rescate

Proyecto de Rescate has been ministering to communities all around the city of Monterrey, Mexico. The volunteers have conducted book distributions to poor neighborhoods, schools, churches, and mountain villages, and Activated Ministries was proud to participate by providing the books and educational materials for these trips.

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Recent Events

Rescate Children's Day Events

For Rescate, the month of April truly became “Children’s Month”, as “Children’s Day” (30th of April) was celebrated not just once, but four times in a series of events in Nuevo Leon and Chuahila for neglected and underprivileged children. Read more about Rescate Children's Day Events

Forum International 2007

Juan Davis

The Forum International 2007 in Monterrey, Mexico has ended. And with the departure of the expositions, cultural entertainment, and educational events also comes the closing of an exciting season filled with new and enriching experiences for the many hundreds of thousands who attended the Forum and its attractions. Thanks to our volunteers and the help of Activated Ministries, 1,850 visitors had the chance to receive Jesus into their lives for eternity and a renewed start to life with a closer relationship with God. Read more about Forum International 2007

1,200 books to the Garcia ghetto

Emanuella Christensen

On December 18th 2008, Rescate hosted our annual Christmas celebration for 650 underprivileged children and their families in association with the foundation “Manos que Sanaan” A.C. This event took place in one of the most forgotten ghettos existing in the county of Garcia N.L. Mexico. Read more about 1,200 books to the Garcia ghetto

Making Children’s Day memorable for underprivileged children in Monterrey

Emanuella Christensen

In Mexico, Children’s Day is thought of as the second most important festival after the Christmas holidays. It is a time to honor and remember children and an opportunity for children to enjoy a day of festivities, presents, and special attention from their parents and families. Read more about Making Children’s Day memorable for underprivileged children in Monterrey

Vanguard of Values programs in Monterrey, Mexico

Emanuella Christensen

A Delinquency Epidemic –The current situation

Imagine you are 13 years old and on your daily walk to school you pass the local drug dealer Mr. Z, selling little packets of crack, blow or weed to clients on the street corner of your school. Would you alert the local police on the opposite corner of the school who are primarily occupied with ticketing speeding drivers? If you did, would you be surprised to see the police only notify Mr. Z to move down a few blocks, away from the immediate school district? Read more about Vanguard of Values programs in Monterrey, Mexico