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Forum International 2007

Juan Davis

The Forum International 2007 in Monterrey, Mexico has ended. And with the departure of the expositions, cultural entertainment, and educational events also comes the closing of an exciting season filled with new and enriching experiences for the many hundreds of thousands who attended the Forum and its attractions. Thanks to our volunteers and the help of Activated Ministries, 1,850 visitors had the chance to receive Jesus into their lives for eternity and a renewed start to life with a closer relationship with God.

The Forum International is a global event that occurs every four years and connects cities from all over the world. Monterrey, Mexico was chosen on this occasion to promote solutions dealing with issues of global importance such as peace, education, knowledge and ecological conservation, among other topics.

During the 80 days of the Forum (September 22nd - December 8th, 2007) volunteers from The Family International had the privilege of meeting over 5,000 visitors with the purpose of bringing them the greatest message on earth and inviting them all to receive Jesus as a constant and close friend. Many hundreds eagerly responded to this invitation. During the course of the Forum we received great reactions to our specially designed tract called “Fighting for Peace?” as we distributed them by the thousands along with Activated magazines and other Christian literature.

We would like to give special thanks to Activated Ministries for their sponsorship of all the literature distributed during the Forum International 2007. Due to their generous donation we were able to freely distribute a life changing message without reserve to thousands of visitors. Thank you!