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Sponsored books to Autism schools in Pretoria

Olivier Biard

With Activated Ministries’ help we have been able to give the beautiful “Christmas Long Ago” story book to two special education schools here in Pretoria, South Africa.

UNICA is a school for learners with Autism and is at the forefront of creating greater understanding of the characteristics and challenges of Autism. UNICA provides quality facilities and a world-class learning program to their 220 children, aged 6 to 18.

New Hope has just over 400 learners, each with their own unique challenges that make it difficult for them to cope in a non-tailored learning environment. Established in 1971 to help children with special educational needs ranging from cerebral palsy to metabolic disorders and a range of other permanent disabilities, New Hope provides just such an environment and an invaluable opportunity for each of their students.

The “Christmas Long Ago” story books are bi-lingual and contain a read-along CD giving them high educational value. A perfect Christmas gift for these amazing learners!

Thank you Activated Ministries!