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Contigo Family Missions

Contigo Family Missions is comprised of volunteers in Monterrey, Mexico who lead missions to neighboring hillside communities to administer medical examinations and deliver medical supplies, blankets, food, and educational and devotional materials. Activated Ministries has been proud to support their efforts by donating books for these missions since 2007.

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Recent Events

Christmas Joy in Santana, Northern Peru

Angela Anderson

In my village, large families share one bedroom in small homes with dirt floors. Chickens run through the house and either pigs or goats are right outside the door. The delicious smell of stew cooking in a large pot over an open fire in the yard calls everyone in from the farm or rice field to gather soon for dinner. My people in the village in Santana, in northern Peru are happy and peaceful, and what I anticipate most is my yearly visit to bring them all the essentials and help that I can provide. Read more about Christmas Joy in Santana, Northern Peru

Fifth Mexican medical brigade

Our fifth medical brigade came together wonderfully, despite it being held on such short notice. Volunteer doctors from Texas said they were able to come for a medical camp in only a week’s time, so it was red alert while we made preparations for places to stay, meals, and secured sponsorships for gas, van maintenance and other needs. Eight Family International volunteers hosted our fifth medical brigade, this time held in two locations over two days and nights. Read more about Fifth Mexican medical brigade

Second Medical Brigade in the Sierras

Joanna Dimon

We completed our second medical camp on July 18, 2009 in the high Sierras, 1.5 hours outside Monterrey. The particular village that we visited this time is at 6,600 feet altitude (Monterrey is at 2,000 feet.) The population of about 4,000 people is spread out all over the mountains. Overlooking the fertile green lake basin, you’ll find village folks with mule-drawn plows farming their portions of the land. We’ve come to dearly love these mountain folks – they are so simple, wholesome and appreciative! Read more about Second Medical Brigade in the Sierras

Medical Brigade in the Sierra Mountains of Mexico

Joanna Dimon

We're celebrating the completion of our first medical aid event – a group effort by four Family International mission centers – held in the Sierra mountains in Nuevo Leon, Mexico on March 18, 2009. Read more about Medical Brigade in the Sierra Mountains of Mexico

Christmas Comes Alive - Part 2

Joanna Dimon

For the last four years, we’ve enjoyed hosting a large Christmas event for about 100 children from low-income families in our village on the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico. This year, our volunteers from The Family International requested sponsorship from the corporate office of HEB grocers to host this ever-growing Christmas party. Read more about Christmas Comes Alive - Part 2