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Christmas Comes Alive - Part 1

Joanna Dimon

What better way to spend Christmas than at the City’s Children’s Hospital? Our visit came as a big surprise for the children of all different ages who where there for many different reasons. Some were terminal, some had been there already for months, and others only days, but none of them believed that anyone would remember they were there at all.

When our volunteer team arrived, the whole place brightened up as our happy music began. We brought the patients from their gloomy rooms into the auditorium where the stage was beautifully decorated and set. Puppets and “cheerleaders” greeted each curious onlooker. Even doctors and interns had to come and see what was going on!

We had been invited to perform at this event by the police department of “Education and Crime Prevention” in Monterrey. The individuals within this department have been our friends and coworkers for the last two years since we volunteered together in the D.A.R.E. program. The D.A.R.E program uses songs, skits, interactive games and a magic show which are performed at schools and city events to help mentor children on the dangers of drugs, alcohol, violence and crime. This was the first event at which we all performed at the same time, on the same stage with D.A.R.E, and it went great!

The D.A.R.E team provided gifts of balls and games for each child, and our volunteers from “The Family International” distributed stuffed animals and beautiful character-building books and materials. We didn’t want to stop!

Our Christmas musical skit was the story of Jesus’ birth after which we were able to invite everyone in the auditorium to ask Jesus into their hearts as their personal Savior. And yes, our whole team was heartily welcomed back again!

Special thanks to Activated Ministries for donating such beautiful Christmas materials. Thanks to your generous sponsorship, not only did the mothers each receive a Christmas Activated magazine, but all 100 children also received activity books, story books, memory game sets, large cardboard puzzles, Christmas music CDs and beautiful color tracts. Each of these special gifts promote strong Christian and moral values that we are confident will strengthen and encourage these children during the Christmas season and beyond.