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Family Care Indonesia

Volunteers at Family Care Indonesia have distributed Activated Ministries sponsored books to remote villages all over Indonesia. In addition, they have also conducted education seminars aimed at equipping teachers to empower and motivate their students to learn positive moral values.

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Recent Events

Word Basics book distribution project in Indonesia

Carl M. Arnold

We wanted to extend a special thank you to Activated Ministries for donating the cost of 1,000 “Word Basics” Books to be distributed free of cost in Indonesia. The Indonesian version of these books is translated “Dasar Firman”. This is a topical reference book to the Bible. This has been an ongoing project for over a year now since first receiving the funding for these books. Although most of the sponsored books have been given away we still have a small amount left to distribute. Read more about Word Basics book distribution project in Indonesia

Educators seminar in Kupang, Indonesia

Family Care Indonesia (FCI) had been invited to Kupang, a city in the east of Indonesia, to conduct a seminar on how to use the Treasure Attic educational series in pre-schools. This was our first time conducting this sort of seminar so we spent a good deal of time preparing the material before leaving Jakarta. The seminar was to be held in the local language so all materials had to be translated. Read more about Educators seminar in Kupang, Indonesia

Pre-school education seminar in Indonesia

Carl M. Arnold

One of the main needs facing Indonesia today is the education of its children and the need for quality educational materials, especially in the local language.There is a great vacuum for character-building materials which reinforce a child’s moral training in day-to-day living and learning to communicate and relate to those around him. Children are the hope of the future and must be encouraged and challenged in a positive way. Read more about Pre-school education seminar in Indonesia