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Christmas Visitations and Caroling

Jeffrey Groft

Mackay Hospital, Dec 1st and 2nd: On our first visit with our team of 6 volunteers and two mission workers from Mackay Hospital-Taipei, we split into two teams to sing Christmas Carols and distribute free Activated Magazines and Christmas CD cards sponsored by Activated Ministries. One team visited the children's ward, where they spent time singing to, praying for and visiting with patients & their loved ones. A second team performed for the crowds waiting outside the clinic. We ended each performance with a prayer for healing as well as giving each one a chance to accept Jesus into their heart.

Yang Ming Shan Hospital Visitation: On December 22nd we had a larger team of 11 volunteers, again bringing our guitars, sponsored Christmas Activated Magazines and CD cards. Moving through the hospital lobby and the hallways the hospital was soon filled with Christmas music. A highlight was when we were asked to sing for the comatose patients and their families. Although they lay still without any movements and we received no reaction from them we believe they could still hear us and we pray they were strengthened and encouraged in their fight. The next day we visited Taipei Veterans General Hospital. It's rare to see carolers in Taiwan as the majority of the population are Buddhists but we've found this just brings more appreciation.

Four Stop Christmas Charity Show Tour with Activated - 8 volunteers headed out on a four-city tour of Taiwan from Taoyuan, to Lu Kang, Zhang Hua and ending in Yuan Lin. Armed with music, a Christmas clown show and lots of sponsored Activated magazines we were on a 5 day Christmas cheer mission that covered hundreds of kilometers. At Dayuen Orphanage we laughed with the children at Abing and Abong's clown entertainment. Next stop was Taoyuen Rong Zhong Veterans Hospital mental ward. Both the Shin Ju deliquent Center and Yuan Lin #2 Prison received us and allowed us to give each inmate with God's Word. Our fourth stop was the only Hotel-hospital in Asia "Shou Chuan Private Center". We visited bed to bed praying with those in need and sharing carols together.

Activated Ministries was responsible in helping us to bring these meaningful products into the lives of all we met on our travels & benefits shows this Christmas. Thank you so much Activated, you have acted out the real meaning of Christmas. Happy New Year to ALL!