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Lots of smiles on Mandela’s Day

Natalie Emery

“So what are you doing for Mandela’s Day?” After hearing this question several times, I determined to do something special to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday! What better way than giving underprivileged kids a fun and happy time? We targeted two different institutions in Johannesburg, a HIV orphanage and a boarding school for physically disabled children that we collaborate with weekly. They were adopted as the focus of our program.

Volunteers arrived from far and wide and we organized snacks, cake, jumping castle, party packs, and books which were sponsored for all the children! We spent two days with around 200 children - all very energetic and excited! We played lots of games, bounced on the jumping castle and got very funny face painting done! Mini football and face painting of flags were a hit, as many young ones had been following the World Cup! We had an aiming competition, hot potato, football and even dancing! A special highlight was when professional entertainer and singer, Ms. Mpumie Twala did a performance and made us all get up and jump around doing fun action songs. The kids had so much fun and it was so nice to see them enjoying life!

A special thank you goes to Activated Ministries who sponsored the children’s Activated magazine for every child – they loved the stories and activities! We can’t wait for our next opportunity to enjoy the day with these wonderful kids.