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Mendoza Vision, Argentina

Mendoza Vision volunteers have been ministering to their local community in Mendoza, Argentina through neighborhood parties for large groups of children and visits to local school districts and hospitals to deliver Activated Ministries sponsored books and CDs.

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Recent Events

Neighborhood Christmas party in Mendoza, Argentina

Joanne Raveney

December 8th marked the fourth year in a row that 45 children and mothers from our weekly soup kitchen came to our house in the countryside. We only live about 5 kilometers from their neighborhood, but it was necessary for us to find the help of a bus company to bring the children to our home. Read more about Neighborhood Christmas party in Mendoza, Argentina

Christmas in Mendoza, Argentina

In late November, project manager Joanne Raveney contacted the director (Natalie) of CONIN, a center for malnourished children located in the heart of one of the most violent urban zones of Mendoza, Argentina. Joanne discussed with Natalie the possibility of helping with educational books for the children of their day school (approximately 250 children). Natalie was very appreciative and eager to receive the books for the school. They discussed plans for their Christmas show where our young volunteers of Mendoza Vision, who had formed a Christmas singing group, could perform. Read more about Christmas in Mendoza, Argentina

Books to rural school districts of Argentina

Joanne Raveney

We want to thank Activated Ministries for your generous and helpful contribution of educational children’s books. This donation of books has gone far to help and influence the education of thousands of children. To begin with, books of such good quality are rarely found here and the content has been applauded by every teacher or director who has seen them. Read more about Books to rural school districts of Argentina