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Books to rural school districts of Argentina

Joanne Raveney

We want to thank Activated Ministries for your generous and helpful contribution of educational children’s books. This donation of books has gone far to help and influence the education of thousands of children. To begin with, books of such good quality are rarely found here and the content has been applauded by every teacher or director who has seen them.

We went to the local Department of Education to offer these books to the schools in their district. Any educational materials whatsoever that is offered or donated to the schools must undergo rigorous scrutiny from their board. It took two months, but the board was highly impressed and very grateful for our donation of books. They gave us a letter of approval and a list of primary schools in a rural district where such books would be most appreciated. We have been on a campaign to deliver these books to the schools on an individual basis and the reception has been unanimously and overwhelmingly grateful. This elementary school district of primary grades teaches over 4,976 children and the teachers and principals were elated to use them as books of such of such quality and content are not to be found here. We have delivered over 125 books to these schools.

We were also able to donate one set to the library of Maipu for their children’s books section and they were very appreciative. It was obvious that there were no other books as new and colorful in their small library children’s section (they said they did not even have 300 books for children).

From our calculations, over 5,400 children at the very least will profit from this donation of books. We thank you for kind cooperation with this and hope to continue working with you in the future.