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Mission to Papua New Guinea

Stephen Hartingdon

Our volunteers would like to thank Activated Ministries for your kind sponsorship of 200 Children's Christmas Activated Magazines as well as 100 Children's Christmas storybooks and CD’s to our mission to Papua New Guinea.

The sponsored products were distributed at The Saroa Circuit which is a district of the United Church in Papua New Guinea located in the Rigo District of the Central Province. We also distributed the products to the children of three of the ten villages in this Circuit; Kwalimurubu, Saroa and Kwikila.

Our missionary team sent six people to Papua New Guinea from Australia for a Christmas outreach project as well as to bring youth from Australia on a cultural and missionary experience. The trip was a great success and we were very happy to bring the books to many children who don't usually receive any presents for Christmas.

We organized for all the children to come the community hall one morning in Kwalimuirubu where we were able to distribute the books and magazines. We also sent the books to the two other villages with the youth leader and pastor of those villages to give to the children that attend their Sunday school.

It was an amazing experience to see how Papua New Guineans live, and to experience their culture firsthand. We met many who are interested in helping us to further our work in Papua New Guinea, and we are excited about the potential that exists for spreading the message.

When we went to the airport to leave we were met by 20-30 villagers who came to see us off with hugs, waves, and fond farewells. They all begged us to return soon and delivered a goodbye note, which said:

"You have activated something here within our youth and community, and we pray that you will return and continue your work and not let the fire you have started die. What we ate, you ate, what we drank, you drank. This village has been blessed by your presence and we hope you will return soon."