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Nepal Earthquake Relief

Family Voluntary Services of Nepal, a wonderful team of missionaries we have worked with and sponsored for over 10 years, has been in the midst of a lot of heart break and loss since the 7.8 magnitude quake rocked the impoverished Himanlayan nation on April 25th, 2015.

We have had very little word from the volunteer missionary team we work with in Nepal as internet and phone has been very hard to come by. We do know that they and the girl’s school they minister to are safe and they are doing their best to provide comfort and what assistance they can.

The death toll from the Nepal Earthquake currently stands at over 8,500 people, and those numbers only continue to rise as rescue teams continue to dig through the rubble. In addition to those who have lost their lives, any of the survivors are injured. Nearly 100,000 homes have been destroyed, and millions are displaced and are staying in make-shift shelters, too afraid to be indoors because of all the aftershocks.

While there is no simple or quick fix in this situation, our team needs all the help they can get as they meet the immediate needs for people desperate to survive right now. Their grass-roots programs and local volunteers are already at work. The majority of the suffering people of Nepal  don't wear western clothes nor eat western food, so sending care boxes is not the best way to send help. They need local clothing, rice & lentils, water, tents, blankets, & first-aid supplies, the basics.

And when the after-shocks subside, they will start the slow & laborious process of re-building homes & businesses--plans are already being made and materials are being gathered. Nepalese are a resilient people, helping one another, and already clearing the land as they mourn. Please give money directly to the source now when the need is greatest.

Any donations you give will go directly into a fund for the Nepal team. We’ll keep you posted as we get more information.

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