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Character Building sets given to primary schools in South Africa

Tommy Miller

We wanted to send you our thanks and appreciation for your donation of books to our volunteer work here in South Africa. Your contribution has had a tremendous affect on our ministry of teaching life skills and life orientation to the children in the primary schools. For the last four years, we have been introducing our character-building life orientation books to the primary schools. At this time, there are 400 schools using our books, with about one thousand children per school—approximately 400,000 children.

The literacy rate in South Africa is very low among the many primary school students, and our contribution to these schools has been very much appreciated. Many of the first grade levels in the schools use Start Early Posters, Early Bird Readers and other aids from Aurora to make learning reading a fun experience to look forward to.

At a training session for teachers, the Education Department recommended that schools use our Character Building Kit and other material, exclaiming, “This is the type of teaching resources that the schools need, because learning good character is a priority.” The principals and teachers are also using the Activated Magazines in their classes for motivational talks and for assemblies.

Some of the schools that have received these books contributed to a documentary that we are making on the effectiveness of these books, so we will be sending more about the wonderful affects of these donated books as we continue distribute them to the needy schools.