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Christmas in South Africa - Part 2

Christmas Party in Zakkariya Park

12th of December

Total people served: 128

We have been in touch with the members of an non-profit that does their best to help orphans, children from needy families and child-headed households in their community in Zakkariya Park,Vlakfontein. Zakkariya Park is a fairly new township about 30 km south of Johannesburg. We’ve been helping them with bi-weekly donations of bread throughout the past years and wanted to support them in their efforts by organizing an event for the children this Christmas.

The use of the community hall that had been promised to them free of charge was booked by someone last minute and so we had to venture out on the very day of the event to find another venue for our party. We felt like Mary and Joseph knocking at every possible door to find a place to stay. But our second try was already rewarded as a kind principal of a primary school offered us the use of a couple classrooms.

The stream of children that poured in seemed to have no end. Not only were the orphans there but many other children in the neighbourhood saw that there was something happening and wanted to join in on the fun. We repeated our program of carols, retelling and acting out the events at Jesus’ birth, and giving as many of the children as possible the opportunity to share something they are grateful for to Jesus so that they could participate in decorating the little Christmas tree that we had brought again. Many rarely get to see a Christmas tree - much less decorate one. Then we divided the children into two groups as we had quite a number of teenage children. This enabled us to gear the games to their skills and abilities. We wanted everyone to feel that they were special to Jesus.

The kids relished the cookies and hot dogs, but the biggest smiles were seen when we handed out the gift packs with the Webber booklets and Steps booklets that Activated Ministries had donated for the event.

Though it was all a little more chaotic than all the organizers and volunteers would have liked, no one minded the tiredness and cracked voices once it was over. Everyone agreed to do this again soon. The children had so, so, so much fun.