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Christmas in South Africa - Part 4

Christmas Party for Elderly from Brixton

15th of December

Total people served: 121

Every month throughout this past year we have been serving a wholesome meal to about 120 disadvantaged elderly people in Brixton, a poor neighbourhood close to Johannesburg city. The little pension that the government affords them often runs out towards the end of the month and so we chose the last Saturday of each month to visit them at the government complexes they stay at. Out of the little money they get they still pay rent for the small rooms but in this country it is at least something so they are grateful. Each time we visit we try to spend as much time as possible with them, listening and sharing a little cheer and giving them an Activated Magazine or tract. A number of our friends who have volunteered at different times have started to keep this Saturday free as they enjoy coming along and helping out in this way.

Upon hearing that we wanted to do something special for the elderly, Joaquin and Pamina, owners of the Valverde Country Hotel who had cooked the meal for the elderly each month throughout the year, made us an irresistible offer: to bring everyone out to their beautiful spot out in the countryside for a special Christmas meal in the large hall at their hotel. We were thrilled, but also puzzled as to how we would be able to manage to get everyone there and provide them some meaningful gifts. The Lord did provide for both!

We approached Activated Ministries and they readily agreed to sponsor 120 Christmas Activated Magazines and 120 gift books containing encouraging words from Jesus for the elderly. A bus company gave a generous discount (50%) on the cost of transporting everyone there and donations started pouring in to cover that expense. Some newly met friends that perform as amateur musicians volunteered to provide the music we needed, and the ideas started flowing as to how to keep everyone inspired and entertained.

Everyone enjoyed the food and program and a few even added their contributions in song. Many approached us afterwards to thank us in person telling us that they had a wonderful time and what an unforgettable event it had been for them. One of the ladies mentioned “The food was good but the best was the message”. They so appreciated God’s Word, the food for their soul.

We are looking forward to meeting them again in the new year and hearing more of how the words of the books they received have touched their lives. We are so thankful to each person and company that helped make this event possible and such a huge success.