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Christmas in South Africa - Part 5

Trip to rural area in Limpopo Province

19th and 20th of December

Total people served: 164 (40 mothers and 65 children, 2 crèches with a total of 59 children).

We took a three hour trip out of Johannesburg to Limpopo Province, to two small villages, the former home of a part-time volunteer. Though Abraham lives and works in Johannesburg now and is actively witnessing here, he regularly returns to visit not only his family but also other needy people in the communities there.

When hearing about the needs of the many single parent families and the poverty they struggle with, we wanted to see what we could do to make a difference. We loaded up the bakkie and trailer with food items, donations of household articles, Christmas decorations, used and new clothing, stationary and best of all the children’s books that Activated Ministries had provided towards our Christmas projects.

It was thrilling to see the excitement and joy that we were met with everywhere we went. Sometimes it is easy to forget how the little things we take for granted can encourage someone who struggles daily to make ends meet. We were so glad that we had brought plenty of the STEPS booklets and Grandpa Jake Storybooks as the children came streaming from everywhere. What a surprise Christmas it was for them!