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South Texas educational book distribution

Theresa D'Abadie has been ministering to schools, hospitals, orphanages, libraries and social centers in South Texas since 2005. Activated Ministries is pleased to partner with Theresa by sponsoring books, CD's and magazines for free distribution to these communities.

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Recent Events

Reaching out to the community in south Texas

Theresa D'Abadie

The Brownsville Texas Public Library received a set of thirteen Cherub Wings Videos. The staff was very grateful to have these wonderful videos for the children. They were given during a special activity day in June.

The Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Madre received 540 booklets of “Grandpa Jake”. The children were very happy to receive them for summer-time fun Read more about Reaching out to the community in south Texas

Cherub Wings DVDs donated to orphanage

Theresa D'Abadie

Thank you so much for your help in donating a set of 13 Spanish Cherub Wings DVD's to the Casa Hogar Don Bosco orphanage in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Both the girls and the Catholic nuns were so happy to receive them, as these DVD’s are both entertaining and filled with positive values and lessons. We had a wonderful visit together. God bless Activated Ministries, who gives so generously to others! Read more about Cherub Wings DVDs donated to orphanage

Four public service facilities in South Texas receive free CDs

Therese D'Abadie

On November 4, 2009, we visited four facilities in South Texas to distribute 100 Activated Ministries sponsored music CD’s, books and DVD’s! Everyone we visited was so thrilled to receive them and we’d like to offer special thanks to Activated Ministries for your generous sponsorship.

96 music CD’s to Friendship of Women in Brownsville, Texas. It is a shelter for battered women and children.

Port Isabel Housing Authority Community Center received CD’s and calendars in Spanish for low-income residents. Read more about Four public service facilities in South Texas receive free CDs

Christmas in Texas

Therese D’Abadie

Just a week before Christmas 2009, our volunteers visited the Port Isabel Housing Community Center for the underprivileged. The children at this facility participate inthe yearly toy drive for the orphans of Mexico, giving what little toys they have. In return for their unselfish giving, Activated Ministries sponsored 47 Christmas storybooks with accompanying audio CD’s to these needy children.

Make a Wish Read more about Christmas in Texas

Spreading Christmas cheer in South Texas

Theresa D’Abadie

It was a drizzly, dismal, cold day after New Years, when we headed out to the two local pre-schools for underprivileged children; but we were armed with something bright and cheery for all those school kids at Head Start in south Texas. Read more about Spreading Christmas cheer in South Texas