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Spreading Christmas cheer in South Texas

Theresa D’Abadie

It was a drizzly, dismal, cold day after New Years, when we headed out to the two local pre-schools for underprivileged children; but we were armed with something bright and cheery for all those school kids at Head Start in south Texas.

Activated Ministries sponsored two sets of bilingual Treasure Attic DVD’s for two Hispanic community schools in our area. The songs teach many valuable lessons which are often not found on everyday kids television programs. The teachers were very grateful to receive these new teaching aids and were eager to use them right away. One of them even said they were looking for these particular songs! Thank you, Activated Ministries, for these great gifts for the underprivileged children.

Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Madre is a place for children (grades 5-12) to study after school, play sports, and do other activities while both parents are working. These kids are at the poverty level and are always grateful for the balloon sculptures, food, videos and books that the Activated volunteers bring! To start the New Year, 54 children’s Activated Magazines teaching good ethics were donated to this United Way Center. Everyone is always very happy to receive new Activated materials!

Ronald McDonald House Charities

This Christmas season, Ronald McDonald House Charities of S. Texas, received a beautiful set of Cherub Wings DVD’s and Christmas storybook/drama CD’s for their center. The parents and families of hospitalized children stay here to rest while their children are seen by the doctors.

The DVD’s and CD’s are displayed in the living room and reading areas for these families, to give comfort and cheer. The values taught in Cherub Wings, as well as the Christmas storybook and drama CD’s are priceless!

Baptist Hospital

Close to the Ronald McDonald House of S. Texas, is the Valley Baptist Hospital's children's ward. Volunteers were able to bring a set of Cherub Wings for these hospitalized kids. Our teens have sung Christmas carols for the children here many times, and they have also received the Fear Not music CD and other videos to help them cope with their sometimes dismal days.

The other branch of Valley Baptist Hospital, in Brownsville Texas, received a beautiful DVD called Songs to Live By. The songs teach many enduring values that we hope will stay with the children when they return home.

Valley Grande Manor Retirement Home

We were invited to a big Christmas dinner party for the elderly and their families this year at Valley Grande Manor Retirement Home. It was super fun dressing as clowns, dining and dancing with these precious folks! We had Mexican tamales and cuisine, and later a Mariachi band and Azteca Indian dance group showed up as a surprise! We gave the Christmas Joy and Christmas Cherub Wings DVD for them to view after the party.

Moody Clinic

Moody Clinic is a center for children who need physical therapy. Some are autistic; some have Down's syndrome, or other special needs. The staff of this institution was very happy to receive a set of bilingual Treasure Attic DVD’s and Aurora music CD’s that promotes positive values. The instructor told me of their plans to incorporate the sponsored CD’s and DVD’s into their existing program for healing.

Thank you so much, Activated Ministries, for making this Christmas inspiring and meaningful for the many that are underprivileged and needy!