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Youth Reach Youth

The Youth Reach Youth outreach training club was formed to give teens in Taiwan the opportunity to minister to their peers in the city. During club meetings attendees and mentors come together to discuss the overall progress of the Activated magazine subscription sales initiative; sharing tips, ideas, and how-to’s for the benefit of their peers. Activated Ministries was happy to sponsor the Activated magazines for these initiatives.

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Recent Events

Taiwan Activated Incentive Program

For a month the Youth Reach Youth team here in Taiwan had been anticipating the day we would all meet in the central city of Taiwan, Taichung for a day of workshops, classes, music, and Christian outreach. All the attendees were eager to swap stories about how they had made the entrance requirements of selling three Activated magazine subscriptions. Read more about Taiwan Activated Incentive Program

Building Bridges in Taiwan

Francois Dick

Building Bridges in Taiwan is a non profit organization comprised of missionaries and volunteers from The Family International. The Christmas season of 2008 was a very busy time for our volunteers as we conducted seven shows in an orphanage, several different hospitals throughout the Taipei and Taichung counties, and a home for the elderly. Read more about Building Bridges in Taiwan