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Taiwan Activated Incentive Program

For a month the Youth Reach Youth team here in Taiwan had been anticipating the day we would all meet in the central city of Taiwan, Taichung for a day of workshops, classes, music, and Christian outreach. All the attendees were eager to swap stories about how they had made the entrance requirements of selling three Activated magazine subscriptions.

After a morning workshop on salesmanship and counseling, the next step was to put what we had learned into practice by looking for people who were interested in knowing more about heaven, talking to them, and giving them an Activated magazine. We picked an area that was packed with university students of every sort; Taichung Central City, or TCC for short; this is a large walking street in the middle of two universities and one high school. We brought our band to entertain the crowds and kept the music coming while the crowd grew. After thirty minutes of singing we split up in teams of two to offer Activated magazines to the ever-growing crowd. Everyone did a great job and had a memorable time.

In two hours we ended up giving away 300 Activated magazines and leading 140 people to ask Jesus into their hearts. We collected plenty of phone numbers from those we talked to who were interested in knowing more about us. Our resident Taichung team will continue to meet with them to share more Activated magazines and hold Bible classes.

A month later, we met for the second month of the Activated Incentive Program on July 21st in Danshui Community Activity center. Sixteen attendees and ten mentors from four different cities came together to discuss the overall progress of the Activated subscription sales push so far; sharing tips, ideas, and how-to’s for the benefit of their peers.

One of the attendees told of his experience and success of selling ten subscriptions in one day. He was only fifteen years old. This motivated his peers to have more determination and persuasion in their approach as salesmen.

A workshop was held during that time by Frankie Chen, one of the top Activated promoters in Taiwan. He gave an hour-long class on improving your salesmanship, starting with making appointments, presenting yourself and your cause, making and reaching goals, and being sold on the product. Class participation was excellent, and the attendees were excited and challenged with the concepts of aiming high and excelling in their efforts to reach their communities.

Afterwards, we split into teams of two or three, with each team having an experienced young person as a personal trainer. Our goal was to promote Activated and find interested young people that would read the magazines and benefit from the material. We headed to Danshui Riverside walking street which was teeming with youth from northern Taiwan. The atmosphere was relaxed, and this provided a good opportunity to meet and interact with a large variety of individuals, many of which were thrilled to receive a free magazine.

A lot of the Taiwanese young people that we met that night had questions about Christianity and were interested in knowing what the magazine was about. Being that only 2% of Taiwan is Christian, the majority have no background or knowledge of Christ. As the members of Youth Reach Youth answered their questions, it gave them a chance to implement all they have learned from our seminars. Before everyone disassembled, each team shared the results of their youth outreach. The combined statistics for that day were 781 Activated magazines distributed and 129 people prayed and asked Jesus into their hearts as their personal savior.

Activated Ministries, we could not have done this without your support and generous giving. We hope to work more with you in the future and together make Taiwan’s youth aware of Activated, what it stands for, and how the magazines can bring a positive change to their lives. You are helping us to make a difference in this part of the world.