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Children’s magazines delivered to Zambia

Elena Sukhacheva

Activated Ministries recently sponsored 500 children’s Activated Magazines on prayer. We put together a little program with puppets telling a story stressing the importance of prayer, showed an interactive video (again, on prayer) and presented the magazine as a present. With this program we visited different kids’ institutions such as schools, Sunday school groups, and hospitals. Teachers and children were very thankful! In this part of the world such interactive education is still a novelty, as most kids don’t have video facilities, never saw a theatre and their eyes open in amazement when they see a colorful book!

We also gave childcare seminars for parents of children in the hospital with positive HIV, stressing the importance of investing time in kids while they are young. Each parent who attended went home with the magazine for their kids.

We greatly appreciate the support of Activated Ministries for our endeavors and pray for the Lord to repay you a hundred fold!