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Peru outreach

The basic goal of volunteers at Huarez, Peru is to combine physical help and practical training with spiritual counseling in order to better the lives of the people in their community. Read more about Peru outreach

Project Cartwheel, South Africa

Angela Mischke of Project Cartwheel has been a volunteer in South Africa for many years. She travels to neighboring countries of Mawali, Zimbabwe, and all over South Africa establishing home churches and delivering much-needed Bibles and other spiritually feeding materials to the local churches in these communities. Read more about Project Cartwheel, South Africa

Preschool visits, Johannesburg

Volunteers in Johannesburg have been organizing Christmas parties at different preschools in the township where they have worked for 14 years. At each event, they distributing reading schemes and Foundation of Faith and Character building sets for preschools for children – giving them an opportunity to expand their horizons and learn and grow in the Christian faith and stretching their ability to learn. Read more about Preschool visits, Johannesburg

Big Thot, Pretoria

Volunteers at Big Thot in Pretoria, South Africa have conducted several book distributions to the South African Police Department and a school for children with Autism. Activated Ministries was pleased to sponsor the books which were distributed during these visits. Read more about Big Thot, Pretoria

Orphan Christmas camps, South Africa

For 17 years, Esther McGinley has been opening her home to hundreds of orphans in Durban, South Africa during the Christmas season. In recent years, she has moved the venue and expanded the event to a three-day camp for hundreds of children. Many of the grown children now assist with the running of the camp. Activated Ministries has been proud to be a sponsor of these wonderful Christmas events. Read more about Orphan Christmas camps, South Africa

South Africa mission

For the past four years, Janet Banker and her team in South Africa have assisted with Christmas events in the black township in Pretoria. In recent years they have begun reaching out to the “forgotten” financially challenged white people in the city. Read more about South Africa mission

Helping Hands, Japan

Every Christmas, volunteers at Helping Hands visit several large hospitals in Hamono, Japan to perform a clown show. The clowns perform skits, sing songs, and play games together with the children at the hospital. Read more about Helping Hands, Japan

Kenyan Outreach Safari

Three volunteers set off overland from South Africa to Kenya and back. Their goal was to respond to a request from the rural areas around Eldoret Kenya to bring Bibles and Christian literature to those who had none, also with the intent of finding those to partner with in future. Read more about Kenyan Outreach Safari

Mendoza Vision, Argentina

Mendoza Vision volunteers have been ministering to their local community in Mendoza, Argentina through neighborhood parties for large groups of children and visits to local school districts and hospitals to deliver Activated Ministries sponsored books and CDs. Read more about Mendoza Vision, Argentina

Mozambique Bible studies

Volunteers in Mozambique were thrilled to receive a pallet of Bibles and other Christian books from Activated Ministries to use in their Bible studies. Read more about Mozambique Bible studies

Youth Rescue, Mexico

Youth Rescue volunteers are working to better the quality of life, provide education, and invest in the future of disadvantaged and uneducated street children and orphans. Their mission is to assist them in achieving their highest potential as they grow to become confident, competent, and caring individuals, by providing committed volunteers, one-on-one attention, and standards of excellence in their education. Read more about Youth Rescue, Mexico

Proyecto Integral de Formación a la Familia

Volunteers at Proyecto Integral de Formación a la Familia organized a Children's Day event in the city of Nuevo Leon, Mexico in 2008 and 2009. Activated Ministries was pleased to partner with these volunteers by sponsoring the books and CDs which were distributed at these events. Read more about Proyecto Integral de Formación a la Familia

Contigo Family Missions

Contigo Family Missions is comprised of volunteers in Monterrey, Mexico who lead missions to neighboring hillside communities to administer medical examinations and deliver medical supplies, blankets, food, and educational and devotional materials. Activated Ministries has been proud to support their efforts by donating books for these missions since 2007. Read more about Contigo Family Missions

Proyecto de Rescate

Proyecto de Rescate has been ministering to communities all around the city of Monterrey, Mexico. The volunteers have conducted book distributions to poor neighborhoods, schools, churches, and mountain villages, and Activated Ministries was proud to participate by providing the books and educational materials for these trips. Read more about Proyecto de Rescate

Juárez Outreach

Volunteers in Mexico conducted several trips to schools in Juárez, Mexico, one of the most violent areas of Mexico. Activated Ministries was happy to provide all of the books and educational materials which were distributed on these trips. Read more about Juárez Outreach

Cervantino Outreach

Activated Ministries was proud to offer the outreach materials to missionaries who attended the Cervantino festival in order to spiritually minister to the attendees. The Cervantino is a month-long festival held in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico where young people come from all over the world to celebrate art, music, culture. Read more about Cervantino Outreach

Johannesburg outreach

Volunteers in South Africa organized several Christmas events during Christmas 2010 at the Public Library of Primrose for 35 children, a crèche in a poor settlement, and Hillbrow, one of the worst areas of Johannesburg. The parties involved face painting, cake, drinks, hot dogs, and Activated Ministries sponsored storybooks and Activated Kids Christmas magazine were given to each child. Read more about Johannesburg outreach

Panama Outreach

Volunteers in Panama conducted several distribution projects to The Fatima Foundation, the children of Villa Lucre, Foundacion Amigos, The Salvation Army, and Foundation Remar. Activated Ministries sponsored all of the books and devotional materials which were delivered during these visits.  Read more about Panama Outreach

Recuay Volunteer Outreach, Peru

Activated Ministries sponsored books, CDs and DVDs which were distributed to three community centers and nine schools the city of Recuay. Recuay is in the heart of the Andes in central Peru and is part of the “White Mountains”, the poorest region of Peru. Read more about Recuay Volunteer Outreach, Peru

Sponsored books to Filipino communities

Since the correlation between the lack of schooling and the degree of poverty is so strong, the objective of volunteers in the Phillipines is to encourage those who have enrolled their children that it’s worth the effort and expense needed to keep their children enrolled. The other great need in Filipino day cares is quality teaching materials and curriculums, and Activated Ministries was happy to sponsor the books and teaching materials which were distributed to dozens of schools in these underprivileged neighborhoods. Read more about Sponsored books to Filipino communities