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Family Services India

At Family Services India, the primary focus is on training and instructing the youth. FSI volunteers have been conducting regular training camps, seminars, and motivational workshops for young people. These teenagers have all expressed a desire to engage in full time missionary service for the good of their fellow man, and have been helping out in the community whenever they can.

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Recent Events

Family Services India – Outreach Sponsorship

Since December of 2005, when the Tsunami lashed the coastal areas of Asia, we have been able to provide 48 villages in the affected areas and coastal towns with aid in the form of food, clothing, and basic supplies as well as other relief items, which were desperately needed. Since that time, our teams have continued to work in the villages in Tamil Nadu that were affected, and are helping to rehabilitate the villages and families who suffered and aid them in getting back on their feet. Over 100 boats were distributed to fishermen who had lost everything and had no means to earn a living. Read more about Family Services India – Outreach Sponsorship

The ADD Program - Family Services India

In May 2006, Family Services India launched a new outreach training program for young people, aged 12-17 all over India. This program was developed with the aim of training young people in youth counseling, missionary outreach, and distribution of Christian literature and was called “The Add program.” This initiative was launched simultaneously around the country. Read more about The ADD Program - Family Services India