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The ADD Program - Family Services India

In May 2006, Family Services India launched a new outreach training program for young people, aged 12-17 all over India. This program was developed with the aim of training young people in youth counseling, missionary outreach, and distribution of Christian literature and was called “The Add program.” This initiative was launched simultaneously around the country.

In October, the Add Program culminated in a 5-day camp and training seminar for 130 young people who had participated in the program and had achieved their goals. This exciting camp, which the teenagers had eagerly anticipated for many months, was known as “The Add Fest”

The Add Program, a 5-month outreach initiative, which began in August, was instrumental in coordinating a network of 98 young people in becoming more active in their communities and gaining experience and training in youth counseling and missionary service.

During the course of this 5-month program, over 15,390 people were led to Christ in cities all over India and 15,365 Activated magazines were distributed. In addition to this, 618 businessmen, students, and people from all walks of life, who were new to the faith, were given classes on the Bible and basic spiritual principles.

To commemorate the success of the Add Program, and to help give them further insight and training in being professional missionaries and personal counselors, we organized a 5-day camp filled with exciting group activities and programs to strengthen their interpersonal skills and development and training modules to help them learn more about missionary service.

The attendees each created and demonstrated a live presentation of their experiences, observations and discoveries over the period of the Add program. We were pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to their dedication to the social cause, these young people are extremely talented, well versed, creative and outgoing. Presentations ranged from live musical performances, dances, speeches, and multimedia presentations. It was clear to see that a certain sense of pride and exhilaration was felt by all present at this camp.

The young people have testified repeatedly that their lives have been greatly enriched by the satisfaction of giving back to the community, and helping others selflessly. Their perspectives have changed too, to where they now think of others’ needs before their own and have a greater desire to want to help others.

We would like to thank Activated Ministries for their support in sponsoring Activated Magazines, which the young people distributed. This made a big difference in the number of people they were able to reach out to, and helped to motivate them to distribute even more Activated Magazines than they thought possible.

We know that each young person who is positively motivated to help others will in turn influence many others to do their part to change the world.

Comments from ADD Participants

While on the road in Kodai, we went witnessing around the lake. As we were walking, we passed a couple of guys and one of them was carrying a guitar. I (Tara) commented on it and asked if he played. He said yes and I told him I did too. “Cool, wanna play us a song?” was their reaction. Realizing that it was a good opportunity to witness, I decided to play them a song.

They were totally awestruck with our music, lifestyle and what we do. We found out that they were college students studying in a nearby city. The guy with the guitar (Sam) signed up for the Activated mag and after taking their number, and agreeing to meet again, we said our goodbyes and left. After a couple of days we met them for a class. The very next day we met them again and invited them down to our house for lunch, a class, and soccer. One of the guys we met, Ciryl, sent this in a text message a few hours after they left:

“Hi guys, it was really great being with you all. Thank you so much for the lunch and thanks a million for your love and care and all the rest (especially the soccer). The kids were simply awesome. I learned so much from your ministry too through the words we read. I want you to know I’m signing up for Activated to change my life and change the world. Thanks a lot once again. God bless you all––Ciryl”
––Fiorella and Tara, Bangalore

The day had started slow; five minutes before I lost my partner at a college we were witnessing at and I was on my own, meeting a few people here and there, getting out some magazines …etc. but not the exciting witnessing I was hoping and praying for.

But I didn’t give up and in the last half an hour before heading back to where we were staying, when I was walking on the road outside the campus, I suddenly spotted a group of four girls fast approaching me. After shooting up a prayer the Lord showed me to approach them with the Activated subscription.

Immediately they were quite interested and jumped at the magazines. They grabbed the mags...I pulled out the pens…and all four got subscribed right there!

Upon leaving the college, I saw a guy in car waiting for someone. Immediately I was at the door of the car and the Activated magazine was in his hands.

In the process of talking to him, he told me that he didn’t believe in heaven and that he believed that life was a dream we will wake up from when we die. I was able to give him some answers from the Bible. At first he had some bitterness from his past and had some negative thoughts about “religion”. But now he saw how much he needed and wanted Jesus as a friend and the Activated magazine as a guidebook. Then, he and his girlfriend got subscribed right there. It was a rush!
––Danny, age 16, Mumbai

On our first day in Nagaland we saw what lengths the Lord will go to reach one of his children. Two of us were witnessing to some young people on the street when a young guy suddenly stood out to us, but when we turned around he was leaving. It was strange that he didn’t look like he’d be really interested, but we ran to catch up with him anyway. Then he ducked into a store and when we followed him it suddenly registered to us that we were supposed to meet the owner of the store later that day!

So we changed plans and offered Activated to the owner who was a really sincere man. He’d been actively preaching the gospel when he was young but now he felt guilty that he hasn’t been much good to the Lord. He said that he felt he was losing his connection with Jesus and that it was hurting his spirit. He was so receptive and we were able to encourage him, pray with him, and give him tracts to give to his friends.

He subscribed to Activated right away and said to contact him if we needed any help. It was like the Lord was giving him a second chance to come closer to him and receive the blessings that come with obeying His Word.
–– By Nick, age 16, Delhi

One time when I was out witnessing, I met this one guy who was selling these Job Networking forms. He actually came up to me and explained what he was doing and what he had to offer. I told him I was only a student, but I would let him know if there was anyone I met that would need it. I started to explain about Activated and he was really excited. He wanted to subscribe but he said that he didn’t have a permanent address since his job takes him around many cities. But he said that he would subscribe for his godfather in Bangalore . He bought a magazine and a few minutes later I prayed with him.

He had to go but he promised to be in touch. Later that night at 11 p.m. he called me and said, “That was such a beautiful magazine you gave me! I want to buy some more from you before I leave to another city!” He then started coming over for classes and really loves the Word. Praise The Lord!
––Emmanuel, age 14, Hyderabad