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Class Excursion in Gulu

Here are a few pictures we took on one our class excursions to see the famous Samuel Baker Fort with some of the older classes. Samuel Baker fought against slavery and this fort had previously been used by Arabs to hold and even kill slaves.

In these pictures you see the kids and their teacher Douglas in Samuel Baker’s house. The bedroom is behind. The original house was made of stacked stones, on a high rock formation that gives a safe view of all the surrounding area. Read more about Class Excursion in Gulu

The Face of Change | Activated Ministries

It’s been so exciting for our children to not only be participating in cultivating in our farm, and studying hard at school, but of course they’ve had a lot of fun sports time. For many, this is the very first time in their lives they’ve been able to eat 3 meals a day! Now being in a stress-free environment where they don’t have to hustle on the streets to sell a few onions or to carry water or do brick laying to bring in enough to pay for their only meal a day–in the evening, it’s meaning they are just radiant! Read more about The Face of Change | Activated Ministries

Stocking Up on Food Supplies | Activated Ministries

We want to say a special thank you for the donations we’ve received that have been designated for food purchases! We use those funds to feed 100 people (86 children boarding and staff) 3 meals a day. We're on the brink of the cheapest time of year to buy food.  Once dry season hits in January and February, prices soar 4 or 5 times higher. So we've been busy going to key places, and working with local farmers in the community to buy maize and beans at excellent prices! Read more about Stocking Up on Food Supplies | Activated Ministries

Preparing for Final Exams | Activated Ministries

All our students are studying hard to get ready for the upcoming end of year final exams. We got off to a great start in third term with exams to help the kids return from holiday mode and gear up for the most important term. With only 2 months till the main exams though, there's no time to lose, especially for our dear new students who hardly know any English and have a lot of ground to cover. Read more about Preparing for Final Exams | Activated Ministries

Learning to Pass It On!

Seeing former student succeed and go on to do well is very rewarding. Richard and Walter studied with us before our school moved to the new location. Last year they did very well and are now top of their classes in their respective Secondary schools. Now for both Term holidays, they’ve come back and have not only been a tremendous help with the farm and in practical areas in the school, but they have been doing personal tutoring and coaching during the holidays! We pay them for their efforts which is taking care of their school fees for next Term. Wonderful boys we are so proud of! Read more about Learning to Pass It On!

Glimpses of Life at the FCU Boarding School | Activated Ministries

Life at Our Boarding School

We have some new students at our school. Some are newly arrived from the surrounding very impoverished area so will take a bit of time to get uniforms, but in the meantime, we’re working on form and organization, teaching the students to line up. We’ll tighten up our lines but … it’s a start in our wonderful new local! We’ll get a flag and pole as soon as we’ve saved up. Read more about Glimpses of Life at the FCU Boarding School | Activated Ministries

Finally.... A "Home" For the Orphans

It’s been a big jump from last year economically, where we were simply day-schooling the orphans while we refurbished the school building, and the children would return to their guardians every evening. This year, the Lord has done, hmm, I was going to say unbelievable miracles. That’s probably an oxymoron but they have been so outstanding, we honestly stand in awe at all He’s done. We now supply full housing for 88 dear children, the staff, and 3 meals a day for all. For most dear kids it’s the first time in their lives they’ve been able to eat on such a regular basis. Read more about Finally.... A "Home" For the Orphans

Malawi Mission, 2012


We would like to THANK Activated Ministries for again generously sponsoring Activated material for the mission work in Malawi

This is the report of our trip to Malawi in July 2012 of the distribution of the 20 sets of Activated Books which were so kindly sponsored by Activated Ministries. Read more about Malawi Mission, 2012

Educators Seminar 2008

With great flexibility to allow the student to progress at their own unique pace, personalized training, and the advantages of shielding the child from the widespread hazards in many public schools today - the popularity of home education has grown tremendously in recent years in the United States and other countries. Although it has many advantages, home schooling is a monumental undertaking and brings a unique set of challenges to any parent or educator. Read more about Educators Seminar 2008

Vanguard of Values programs in Monterrey, Mexico

Emanuella Christensen

A Delinquency Epidemic –The current situation

Imagine you are 13 years old and on your daily walk to school you pass the local drug dealer Mr. Z, selling little packets of crack, blow or weed to clients on the street corner of your school. Would you alert the local police on the opposite corner of the school who are primarily occupied with ticketing speeding drivers? If you did, would you be surprised to see the police only notify Mr. Z to move down a few blocks, away from the immediate school district? Read more about Vanguard of Values programs in Monterrey, Mexico