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Our 10,000 Kilometre Safari

Mike and Donna

After much preparation our three-man team set off overland from South Africa to Kenya and back. Our goal was to respond to a request from the rural areas around Eldoret Kenya to bring Bibles and Christian literature to those who had none, also with the intent of finding those to partner with in future. Read more about Our 10,000 Kilometre Safari

Christmas in Mendoza, Argentina

In late November, project manager Joanne Raveney contacted the director (Natalie) of CONIN, a center for malnourished children located in the heart of one of the most violent urban zones of Mendoza, Argentina. Joanne discussed with Natalie the possibility of helping with educational books for the children of their day school (approximately 250 children). Natalie was very appreciative and eager to receive the books for the school. They discussed plans for their Christmas show where our young volunteers of Mendoza Vision, who had formed a Christmas singing group, could perform. Read more about Christmas in Mendoza, Argentina

Neighborhood Christmas party in Mendoza, Argentina

Joanne Raveney

December 8th marked the fourth year in a row that 45 children and mothers from our weekly soup kitchen came to our house in the countryside. We only live about 5 kilometers from their neighborhood, but it was necessary for us to find the help of a bus company to bring the children to our home. Read more about Neighborhood Christmas party in Mendoza, Argentina

Children’s Day in Cienega de Flores, Mexico

Abraham Motola

Our volunteers at PROIFFAM (Proyecto Integral de Formación a la Familia) had been planning for our children's day event in the city of Cienga de Flores for some time. All the children were waiting in anticipation since this event meant games, food, gifts, and a few hours of recreation and fun. Read more about Children’s Day in Cienega de Flores, Mexico

10,000 Activated magazines distributed throughout Mexico

During the summer months of 2008, our volunteer team in Saltillo, Mexico traveled with 10 young people some 5,000 kilometers throughout Mexico to preach the Gospel and distribute the wonderful Activated magazine. We started our trip in El Paso, Texas, and traveled south to a town called Merida, which is the capital of the Mayan culture.

Week One Read more about 10,000 Activated magazines distributed throughout Mexico

Fifth Mexican medical brigade

Our fifth medical brigade came together wonderfully, despite it being held on such short notice. Volunteer doctors from Texas said they were able to come for a medical camp in only a week’s time, so it was red alert while we made preparations for places to stay, meals, and secured sponsorships for gas, van maintenance and other needs. Eight Family International volunteers hosted our fifth medical brigade, this time held in two locations over two days and nights. Read more about Fifth Mexican medical brigade

Second Medical Brigade in the Sierras

Joanna Dimon

We completed our second medical camp on July 18, 2009 in the high Sierras, 1.5 hours outside Monterrey. The particular village that we visited this time is at 6,600 feet altitude (Monterrey is at 2,000 feet.) The population of about 4,000 people is spread out all over the mountains. Overlooking the fertile green lake basin, you’ll find village folks with mule-drawn plows farming their portions of the land. We’ve come to dearly love these mountain folks – they are so simple, wholesome and appreciative! Read more about Second Medical Brigade in the Sierras

Medical Brigade in the Sierra Mountains of Mexico

Joanna Dimon

We're celebrating the completion of our first medical aid event – a group effort by four Family International mission centers – held in the Sierra mountains in Nuevo Leon, Mexico on March 18, 2009. Read more about Medical Brigade in the Sierra Mountains of Mexico

Christmas Comes Alive - Part 1

Joanna Dimon

What better way to spend Christmas than at the City’s Children’s Hospital? Our visit came as a big surprise for the children of all different ages who where there for many different reasons. Some were terminal, some had been there already for months, and others only days, but none of them believed that anyone would remember they were there at all. Read more about Christmas Comes Alive - Part 1

1,200 books to the Garcia ghetto

Emanuella Christensen

On December 18th 2008, Rescate hosted our annual Christmas celebration for 650 underprivileged children and their families in association with the foundation “Manos que Sanaan” A.C. This event took place in one of the most forgotten ghettos existing in the county of Garcia N.L. Mexico. Read more about 1,200 books to the Garcia ghetto