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La Guajira Proyect – Bogota, Colombia

Marcos and Joy Alvaro

Far removed from the central highway and a good distance from any town center, we began our hike of several kilometers, under the tropical sun, to Rancherias - a place where the simple and charming inhabitants of Wayúu tribe live. The Wayúu are indigenous people who have maintained their purity and traditions and live in this area of the Colombian Caribbean coast spread over approximately 5.800mi² in Colombia and 4.600 mi² in Venezuela without taking into account the boundaries between these two countries. Read more about La Guajira Proyect – Bogota, Colombia

A special gift for the struggling in Michigan

Paloma Barcelo

Here at our Family International Southeast Michigan chapter, fellow missionaries and I had noticed the effects of homelessness in the community growing for sometime. Over the last few years more families have moved out of the neighborhoods here in Michigan. Families with children account for 38% of the homeless population. We felt that though each situation was unique and so many needs were beyond us, there was a need that we could fill – that of friendship and faith. Read more about A special gift for the struggling in Michigan

The Michigan Cancer Institute

Paloma Barcelo

In one of the top, most prestigious cancer research and treatment facilities in the country you will find some of the most broken people, in need of love and a comfort that cannot be found in the medicines of modern science. Read more about The Michigan Cancer Institute

Children’s Books for Cambodia

Ann Soldner

Cambodia is a land of youth. According to statistics, 41% of the population of 12.5 million are under the age of 14. In the past thirty years the Khmer people have suffered through foreign invasions, bombings, communist revolution, genocide, famine, occupation and civil war. Despite the trauma, suffering and lack of role models or references, Cambodia is struggling down the road to social, educational and economic reconstruction. One particularly great need is for children’s books in the local language. Read more about Children’s Books for Cambodia

Educators seminar in Kupang, Indonesia

Family Care Indonesia (FCI) had been invited to Kupang, a city in the east of Indonesia, to conduct a seminar on how to use the Treasure Attic educational series in pre-schools. This was our first time conducting this sort of seminar so we spent a good deal of time preparing the material before leaving Jakarta. The seminar was to be held in the local language so all materials had to be translated. Read more about Educators seminar in Kupang, Indonesia

Word Basics book distribution project in Indonesia

Carl M. Arnold

We wanted to extend a special thank you to Activated Ministries for donating the cost of 1,000 “Word Basics” Books to be distributed free of cost in Indonesia. The Indonesian version of these books is translated “Dasar Firman”. This is a topical reference book to the Bible. This has been an ongoing project for over a year now since first receiving the funding for these books. Although most of the sponsored books have been given away we still have a small amount left to distribute. Read more about Word Basics book distribution project in Indonesia

Family Discipleship Training Program 2009

Dan Roselle

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your help in sponsoring the 2009 Discipleship Training Program, which was a huge success.

The FDTP (Family Discipleship Training Program) is a course that focuses on the study of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. This year’s event was held in Texas during the month of October. Read more about Family Discipleship Training Program 2009